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With the tough times we live in today, accidents are not something one can budget for.

As a matter of fact it’s the fine print that we do not pay close attention to when we get our policy, but cannot ignore when it’s time to claim; that is your excess. More often than not, getting auto body repairs done for your car, be it the bumper repairs or dent removals, usually comes at the most inconvenient time and getting that huge amount of money to cover the excess can be quite tricky.

Fortunately Auto Wheels autobody is there at your service!

We have strategically partnered with Nedbank to provide you with a personalized finance package. Based on your risk profile, Nedbank will ascertain the most suitable payment plan and arrange payment of your excess with us.

We also provide finance for repairs without insurance.

For more details regarding excess finance, kindly contact us to discuss your requirements.

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